You Owe it to Yourself to be Healthy and to Stay Healthy

You Owe it to Yourself to be Healthy and to Stay Healthy

Pharmaceutical companies have a moral and legal obligation to make sure that all the medicinal products and medical devices that they produce are safe and effective, especially in treating serious health conditions. Thus, it is very necessary that, before being approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for patient use, these products have been proven safe and effective through clinical tests – this is to see their actual effects on patients.

A perfectly safe and effective medicine of medical device can work wonders; however, actual situations have shown that safe and effective sometimes never go together. For what may be safe for one, may serve as poison (or a cause of another type of illness) to another and what may just be the right dosage for one may not be enough for someone else.

Before being introduced into the market, a pharmaceutical product needs to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration first. And, before approval by the FDA, a pharmaceutical firm first needs to show proofs that its products have been tested and proven safe and effective for patient use.

Despite the extensive research and tests conducted by pharmaceutical experts, however, many drugs and medical devices still get reported to the FDA as increasing the risk of the development of more serious illnesses or causing death in some of those who use them. Today, it is already open knowledge that many prescription drugs (as well as over-the-counter drugs, due to overdose) are indeed the cause of either of the two. This may be due to any of the following two reasons: first, since the drug companies are the ones sponsoring the tests conducted on their medical products, they have the capability to keep the negative results detected from the medicine and submit only the positive outcome of the tests to the FDA. Second, despite the real effectiveness and safeness of the medicine, the patient’s immune system may not be strong enough to fight possible drug side-effects, or the patient may have a medical health condition or is taking another medication, causing the drug from working safely and effectively in him/her. This is why it is essentially important that doctors explain to their patients everything concerning the drug or medical device that they will prescribe; about the drug’s or device’s possible effects and what health condition and which medication will not work well with any of these.

The firm Spiros Law, P.C. strongly state, “You and your loved ones place your trust in the medical industry to provide you with safe and beneficiary drugs and devices. When the industry betrays that trust, you are eligible for just compensation. Drugs included in our mass tort lawsuits include:

  • Onglyza
  • Xarelto
  • Pradaxa
  • Eliquis
  • Invokana
  • Risperdal
  • Lipitor
  • Fosamax
  • Benicar
  • Accutane
  • Actos
  • Victoza
  • Zofran
  • Vioxx
  • Yaz
  • Talc
  • Januvia
  • Ambilify
  • Taxotere

In addition to representing victims of defective drugs, we fight corporations on behalf of victims of faulty medical devices. Oftentimes these devices are sold to consumers in dire pain. Again, you deserve fair compensation if you have been the victim of a flawed device. Devices included in our mass tort lawsuits are:

  • Hernia Mesh
  • IVC Filters
  • DePuy Hip
  • Stryker Hip
  • Biomet Hip
  • Merena IUD
  • Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft
  • Morcellator
  • Smith and Nephew Hip Liner
  • Stryker Knee Implant
  • Syngenta

If you have taken any of the drugs listed above or if any of the above medical devices has been used in treating you, then you maybe owe it to yourself to undergo medical check-up immediately and, if something not right is seen, to consult with a personal injury or a defective drugs & devices attorney immediately.