Insurance for Alternative Vehicles

With the increasing risks of road accidents, many people are looking for alternatives to travel. Mopeds and scooters offer a convenient alternative for travel, and it makes traveling faster and easier. However, many people may be confused as to whether these vehicles need motorcycle insurance or they do not qualify. Before using your moped or scooter on the road, it may be important to know the laws in your state and avoid being in a troublesome situation with law enforcement.

Many states regard two-wheeled vehicles that carry engines smaller than 50 cubic centimeters (or a top speed not exceeding 30 mph, or 35 mph in some states) to be mopeds. Motorcycles are defined by states as two-wheeled vehicles with engines larger than those used in mopeds and thus can shave faster speeds. The motorcycle accident lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® state that motorcycles are required by law to carry insurance coverages. Mopeds, on the other hand, require liability insurance in only 24 states and at DC. The state of Illinois is one of the states that require moped riders to carry liability insurance before being on the road.

Those that are often exempted from having liability insurance are those who are using bicycles and Razr-like scooters that have small motors. These, however, are often not allowed on major roads and highways for safety reasons. It may seem like a small matter, but because of the limited protection that mopeds and scoters offer, the injuries that riders acquire after being involved in an accident can be severe and even life-threatening. The insurance that law enforcement impose to all riders and motorists are not only to protect their vehicles from damages, but also to cover for the injuries that can happen following an accident. Often, it is the person who caused the accident who will have to pay for the damages, but having your own insurance can greatly assist in the financial department, especially if the at-fault driver does not have insurance or does not have enough to cover for all the damages.