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Avoiding Foreclosure

Most people are taken by surprise when they are informed that their home is on the threat of foreclosure. Aside from those committing mortgage fraud, there are many reasons why people have a hard time keeping up with their mortgage payments. Foreclosure gives the lender a legal right to repossess the house. Having a foreclosure on your record can seriously affect your chances of qualifying for future credits, therefore preventing a possible foreclosure is important.

When you have been informed about your impending foreclosure, it would be best to first contact the Loss Mitigation Department of your lending company to tell them about your situation, your financial standing, and other things that you deem important regarding your foreclosure problems. It is also recommended to stay in your home despite the foreclosure notice; leaving can may disqualify you from getting assistance.

According to Greenway Law, LLC, one way to avoid foreclosure is to request a mortgage modification. Through this, you can ask for changes in your mortgage agreement according to what’s most applicable to your financial circumstances. Mortgage modification includes adjusting the loan terms, or maybe the lender could offer you leeway and spread the payments of the late payments (also called repayment plan). There are other options, all depending on you and the lender’s agreement. Mortgage modification is easily available for people who have recovered after certain financial issues and could afford a new payment plan.

Many people are unaware of options to help fixed their mortgage issues, and this is where having legal help comes in. Knowing more information and understanding your options on how to save your house and avoid foreclosure is easy if you know where to look and who to ask. Talking with a lawyer greatly helps, but so does talking with your lender, since they can decide which alternatives you best qualify for.

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Microcosmos will Change Your Whole Perspective

Microcosmos, a 1996 French nature documentary, continues to blow away those who have yet to see it.

Using close-up shots and time-lapse photography, Microcosmos gets viewers way into the world of small organisms, including ladybugs, praying mantises, and snails. The imagery is beautiful and the time lapsed segments are visually stunning. The film has no dialogue, voice overs, or narration. Instead, the filmmakers (Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou) allowed these speechless creatures make the story themselves. The result is quite powerful!

Knowing what the world looks like from such a dramatically different perspective is nothing short of awe-inspiring. I’m thankful to have seen the challenges faced by smaller animals in such unparalleled detail.

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